How to Control Your Partner

How to control your partner

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Do you want to control your partner? To subject her/him to whip-stroke? There are many reasons why you want to control your partner, the most common reason is jealousy.

People do not know if by the type of education they have received or by their self-esteem, they get to a level of jealousy that is demented. It is said that approximately 75% of the population has some mental illness, but very few are diagnosed. That is why countries function so poorly, people act in a crazy way as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

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Recently a couple was about to break in front of me because a woman found a picture of her ex-wife in a remote drawer of her boyfriend’s house. That is to say. boy and girl have been going out for 1 year, boy had been with his ex-partner for 8 years and he breaks up and goes out with this girl. After a year in a lost corner he finds a photo of his ex, this is a scandal, he leaves home and threatens to leave him.

To do that is not only to be wrong of the head but to have a totally erroneous approach of the concept of couple. Some people believe that when they start dating someone automatically that someone transforms into someone you own just like a dog. So they can ban things from you and educate them to their liking as to why it is their property. They try to erase their partner’s past with a stroke and enter a paranoid obsession with being the only one for that person.

But not in the present, but even in the past, so it is strictly forbidden to make any reference to situations experienced with the ex-wife or have been with her, even feel bad that your partner has had sex in the past with his ex-wife and the simple fact makes you shiver.

This could be labeled as unhealthy because you are not dating your partner, you want to possess and submit to all levels: spiritual, physical and mental, you want to own your partner in such a way that only belongs to you on the physical level and spiritual so the ex-partners and even the life that your partner had before leaving with you are deleted from the map.

But as it is not possible what is done is a “Valdemort”. “How to control your partner” A Valdemort is that you make it look as if nothing had existed before you and such becomes so that any evocation of the past as a simple picture can endanger the relationship or even make you burst into tremendous anger.

The first thing I tell you about this behavior is that you should be very aware that you suffer from a mental illness alienated by your own jealousy but curable and the second is that if you do not admit it you need professional help. Get your lost love back and love marriage problem solutions.

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